Monday, February 5, 2007


We had visitors this weekend! S's sister Betsy and our niece Leah were here for the weekend. It was quite a treat. Perhaps S will post pictures of the adorable girl and Leah too.

We did all kinds of things...

1. They visited me at work and took me to lunch on Friday.
2. Went to a fancy dinner (special restaurant weekend thing here in Madison)
3. Played with the walnuts
4. Went swimming at the YMCA
5. Made soup
6. Boogied (Leah especially)
7. Colored (E mainly picked up 96 cryons)
8. Went to the Children's Museum
9. Went shopping for a nap!
10. Drove around for a nap!
11. Went shopping (E and Leah)so Mom could nap
12. Watched the Super Bowl

We can't wait to see them again. Next time Leah will have a sister!

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Alissa said...

Sounds like a fun, but exhausting weekend!