Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"About as good as it gets"

That is a direct quote from Dan the x-ray tech today after HSG. S's fallopian tubes are clear! Dan said that the liquid went through the tube really fast and that was a good sign.

With all signs pointing forward we are greatly anticipating Tuesday's ultrasound to find out how many follicles we have!

S would have probably opted for a different way to start Valentine's Day but I'm sure she (I know I am) is pleased with the results!


Anonymous said...

You go girls! Good news always travels fast....even in Fallopian tubes! Yeah. Dad

Ingrid said...

That's great news! Sara, was it painful?

Carey said...

Great news about the tubes!! I didn't find that it was too painful, but my DP thought it was awful -- and her tubes are way better than mine!!

megan said...

hey I posted a comment a couple of days ago but it never showed up I guess... anyway, I was SO glad to hear that you 2 didn't have a tramatic HSG experience like we did, that is great! Good luck this week!!!