Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Valentine


775 days ago I stood before family, friends, and God and said these words as I dedicated all I am to you.

I am grateful to you for all that you are.
Before you, I was content to live life
With you, I am inspired to experience all of God’s creation
I cherish the qualities you bring to our relationship.
You are my friend.
You are my most intimate companion.
Thank you for your love, your support and your strength
Thank you for your tears and your laughter

Today, I give you my heart
I promise to honor you in life.
I will remain faithful for all time.
I will nurture our relationship
I will support your growth spiritually and personally
I promise to listen to you.
I will encourage you.
I promise to endure good times and bad
To spend my life, forever, with you.
I love you.

These words grow more true with every experience, conversation, disagreement, and day I spend with you. You have helped me grow, you have shone me love, and you have remained my most intimate companion. I promise to stay true to these vows, work to improve on the things I lack, and to love you every day of my life.

Thank you for all that you are. You are my life. Happy Valentine's Day!

All my love,



Alissa said...

That totally made me teary!

Sara said...


sandra said...

So nice. I was so sorry to miss the wedding, and so glad I got to read this today!