Monday, February 12, 2007

Lookin' good

Things are shaping up this month... we are BOTH going to be able to be there next week - hopefully, for the last time. (Scheduling w/ the Dr.'s office worked out very well on this one.) We do, of course, have the HSG this week (a romantic V-day morning!). We will hopefully hear good news, clearing the way for next week.

We are very anxious - good anxious- this month. I think both of us feel like we are likely to get pregnant this month (moment of pessimism - hopefully.) We are just playing the stats game now. Wednesday's procedure will give us a lot to hope for if all's clear.... Last month was really hard b/c we weren't trying. In spite of that, baby-making is all we can really think about these days. As E says, idle anxiety is the worst (last month). This month, we are able to obsess over all sorts of little details to distract us - we feel like we have more control b/c we are doing something, I guess. I know I do anyways. So, on to baby-making Feb 2007. We need all of the good thoughts, love and prayers we can get. That's what you all can do for us. :-)


Alissa said...

You both are in my prayers!

Liza said...

My fingers are crossed for you!

And 2/22 is our wedding anniversary, so I say it's the perfect day to get pregnant.