Sunday, February 25, 2007

I'm an emotional wreck

I just re-read my first post from yesterday.... perhaps I was a bit upset... well, I'm better now. It's possible that my words were directed at one person in particular. Thank you to everyone who does support us; we certainly appreciate you.

I am something of an emotional roller coaster. I can't even blame it on AF as no one knows when she'll show up since I won't even ovulate this month. In all of the fertility blogs we read there are dozens of abbreviations and shorthand ways of conveying information. (AF, ttc, tww, 7dpo, etc...) I think we should add some sort of emotional measuring shorthand to this mix. On a scale of apathy, I am a 2 today. On the frustration scale, I am at 7.5 (down from 9). The amount of energy I have is around a 3.

There will be no real news until I get the results of my bloodwork, which will be sometime after the end of next week. Until then, we're going to be keeping busy and trying to stay positive.

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Anonymous said...

The are no words to adequately express the ache in my heart after reading your last three postings. And the words of solace I'm trying to leave for you both sound hollow...but here goes. You two are amazing and I am in awe of your resolve and love. You are in my prayers, and if there is anything you need that I can help to provide, please let me know.

I have found that when I am in a dark place, if I can laugh things can seem better. Have you ever considered dressing Tanner and Higgins up in some nice costumes? Could be good for a chuckle.
Be well.