Monday, February 19, 2007


It definitely feels like Monday today... the day is progressing a bit slowly b/c tomorrow we have our ultrasound. It's there that we'll know whether or not we're going to be able to try this week. Here is how the ideal appointment will go:

- Ultrasound will show that the endometrial strip is a minimum of 8mm (hope for more, actually, but we've always been pretty good on this measure.)
- U/S will show at least one follicle (still in ovary) - hopefully multiple follicles - that measure a minimum of 17 x 17. (December was our first month of making this goal, which was why it was so huge. We had measurements of 22 and 24, which is great! Let's do it again!)
- Bloodwork will come back indicating that my estradiol (estrogen) level is high enough - at least 300 or so. (December, we hit around 385!)

So, IFF all of those signs line up, we then get to have the trigger shot (HCG) that will tell my ovaries to let those eggs go! 24-48 hours later, that's exactly what should happen. Then, we go back on Wednesday and Thursday for the actual procedure (as if the ultrasound isn't a procedure...) If we make it to the trigger shot, we are hoping for the following:

1. Fertilization!
2. Implantation!

In that order.

So, that's the haps around here. Today at lunch, we were discussing whether or not we wanted family members to stay with us when the baby is born. Premature, perhaps... but baby is all we think about; we have to vary the baby-focused topics from time to time.

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sandra said...

My goodness, it's like a whole new language! Fingers crossed...