Friday, June 29, 2007

Word to the Wise

... don't fly on an airplane anytime soon.

Our week in a nutshell:

E Leg 1- delayed
E Leg 2.1 - missed b/c of previous delay,
E Leg 2.2- delayed (2 hours)
E Leg 3.1 - missed due to traffic on the GG Bridge
E Leg 3.2- delayed 2.5 hours
E Leg 4- delayed 2.5 hours
E Leg 5- missed due to delay, more on this in a minute

S Leg 1 - fine
S Leg 2 - fine
S Leg 3.1 - cancelled after 8 hrs in airport US Airways offered me a departure 4 days later
S Leg 3.2- fine, except that it cost me $315 and didn't get me all the way home

C&C Leg 1- Fine
C&C Leg 2.1 - Cancelled
C&C Leg 2.2- Fine, and they even were home the same day

E's next trick: taking the L for 1.5 hrs from OHare to Miway to rent a car and pick me up to drive home.

E & S - drove home from Midway, picked up dog at friend's house, came home and watered nearly dead vegetables and flowers, fell into bed around 1230.

S- Awoke 6am for early morning meeting with China

E & S- 5pm, picked up dog and drove two cars to Milwaukee where we had to return the rental b/c they didn't have any available one-ways. (I know, at least we didn't have to drive it back to Chicago.)

Moral of the story: avoid flying if you can!

Sunday, June 24, 2007


E missed her flight out of Napa yesterday. She paid a whopping $25 to get on the next one, which didn't leave for several more hours. That gave her time to sleep off her hangover and she arrived in Vegas just 1.5 hours before I did. A lot of fun was had in Napa. :-)

We decided E would wait for me at the airport. So, after 5 days of loneliness, we reunited on our 6 year anniversary at the baggage carousel in the LV airport. How's that for romance?

Gotta go now, time to play some penny slots!

Friday, June 22, 2007


I am, indeed, thankful that it's Friday. My dear E has been gone all week, and tomorrow I will get on a plane and be reunited with her.

It's been a bit of a long week for me. My new job is going well, but this week I finally really got going on several things, and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed- in a good way, of course. There really is no better way to learn than to jump in. Still, I feel as if I've worked 3 weeks this week!! I am also really looking forward to spending time with our favorite friends in the world: Carolyn & Cheryl (aka C&C Music Factory.)

Erin is doing well out in Napa- at least she was when I spoke to her this morning. Things with her job have settled down quite a bit, and that's a relief. She's been under a great deal of stress since the beginning of May. Now that we are approaching July, it appears as though her work-life balance may come back into balance.

So, the end of our craziness is in sight. I think I've only gained 3-5 pounds, so not too much damage done through it all. E and I have sworn not to overdo it throughout the rest of the year. We are looking forward to being on schedule with eating & exercising so that we can get on track with this baby thing ASAP!!

It's odd, I guess that I hadn't really been thinking much about Baby over the last couple of months. We'd been obsessed with baby for about 2 years, and then I suddenly stopped. Just this week, though, I started feeling it again: the urge to focus on our baby, our family, our future. I've missed blogland, but not immensely until this very week... now, I'm missing the collective energy of our virtual friends rooting for our success... the community of folks all looking toward baby, family, future. I'm not sure if the crazy-busy knocked it out of me for a bit, or if I needed to take a break to retain sanity, but I'm thinking about Baby and baby-making again.

Not sure what that means - I am not sure we will try in July, but we will see what the month will bring. More when we're back from Vegas...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Home - for now

We had a very nice time at the wedding. It was a rare occasion on which we knew tons of people at the wedding. E and Mary grew up together. As a result, even I knew the folks from high school, college, and the bachelorette party.

Here are some highlights:

E had to take off her strappy sandals - her poor feet!

Everyone unloaded their purses- making room for drinks in hand! (thanks for the pic, Sandra!)

Steph, E, Dan & Sandra

Me & E

Placard outside a room in the hall

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Wedding Bells

We're off to the wedding in A2 this weekend. Erin shall don a baby blue cocktail dress, and I a brown halter dress with big green polka dots. Gladys will be staying behind this time. One night in the spa and one night with a new dogsitter.

Not only will we be spending the weekend rejoicing in holy matrimony for E's dear friend, but we will also have a chance to have breakfast on Sunday with my sister and her hubby at a delicious vegetarian restaurant. Can't wait!

That's the haps around here. We are missing blogland something terrible, and look forward to getting back into the swing of things in a few weeks - I feel like I've said that in every post for the last month. Someday, if I say it enough times, it will come true!!

Friday, June 8, 2007


Up for a breath! My goodness is it August already? I feel like blogging and baby making only happen in the winter months. There is no way we have time to fit everything into the summer! We are gathering our strength for the last few days of me, I know it is only June 8 but the end will be here before you know it. This is why for us:

June 8 (today): E's staff baseball game

June 9: wake up at the crack of dawn, drive 5.5 hours to the U.P. (Michigan's Upper Peninsula)to camp with friends from Maine.

June 10: Drive back from U.P.

June 11: S leaves for Orlando conference for two days

June 12: E has eveneing board conference call

June 13: S back from Orlando

June 14: E leaves for Michigan for wedding she is in (yes she is wearing a dress)

June 15: S flies to Michigan for wedding

June 17: Drive back from MI

June 18: E has evening board conference call

June 19: E flies to Napa for board meetings (YUCK!!!!!! At least there is wine)

June 23: E flies from Napa to Las Vegas and S flies from Madison to Las Vegas (and it is our 6 year anniversary from our first date)

June 23-26: E attends conference and E and S spend amazing time with Carolyn and Cheryl in Las Vegas

June 26: S leaves Las Vegas

June 27: E leaves Las Vegas

June is over.........

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The day after

E had a marvelous birthday. We threw a big party last night, and we are still recovering today...ugh. 50 folks showed up for burgers, corn, and beer. We had a fire in our portable fire pit, and hoardes of kids played yard games.

Diet begins again tomorrow....I'm looking forward to it. I need to get this body on track for baby-making. Probably not trying next month, but we've not yet discussed it. We'll see.

Monday, June 4, 2007


Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, dear Erin
Happy Birthday to you.

Happy 30th!