Friday, June 29, 2007

Word to the Wise

... don't fly on an airplane anytime soon.

Our week in a nutshell:

E Leg 1- delayed
E Leg 2.1 - missed b/c of previous delay,
E Leg 2.2- delayed (2 hours)
E Leg 3.1 - missed due to traffic on the GG Bridge
E Leg 3.2- delayed 2.5 hours
E Leg 4- delayed 2.5 hours
E Leg 5- missed due to delay, more on this in a minute

S Leg 1 - fine
S Leg 2 - fine
S Leg 3.1 - cancelled after 8 hrs in airport US Airways offered me a departure 4 days later
S Leg 3.2- fine, except that it cost me $315 and didn't get me all the way home

C&C Leg 1- Fine
C&C Leg 2.1 - Cancelled
C&C Leg 2.2- Fine, and they even were home the same day

E's next trick: taking the L for 1.5 hrs from OHare to Miway to rent a car and pick me up to drive home.

E & S - drove home from Midway, picked up dog at friend's house, came home and watered nearly dead vegetables and flowers, fell into bed around 1230.

S- Awoke 6am for early morning meeting with China

E & S- 5pm, picked up dog and drove two cars to Milwaukee where we had to return the rental b/c they didn't have any available one-ways. (I know, at least we didn't have to drive it back to Chicago.)

Moral of the story: avoid flying if you can!


Melissa said...

ok. now I'm freaked. we fly out on Tuesday for our trip. Fingers crossed it won't be a nightmare like your was.

Keri said...

Oh no! That sounds awful!

I used to travel every other weekend to see my daughter - I did it for almost 2 years. In all that time, I never missed a flight, a flight was cancelled and I was never delayed.

The point of the story is not to rub in it but to say that I'm certain, from now on, every flight I ever take will either be late or I'll crash and burn. :)

Knock, knock, knock on wood....

Kim said...

Holy cow! That bites! Not the news I wanted to hear...we fly out next Friday for NYC to catch our cruise on Saturday. We better NOT get screwed! ERG!

Sorry bout all your delays and cancellations.

Sara said...

We saw a news piece the other day on how this is the worst the industry has ever been in terms of cancellations and delays. We travel quite a bit and have never experienced something like this.

Good luck to all of you!

Holly said...

Ugh. That totally sucks!

sandra said...

That's so something that would happen to me.