Monday, June 18, 2007

Home - for now

We had a very nice time at the wedding. It was a rare occasion on which we knew tons of people at the wedding. E and Mary grew up together. As a result, even I knew the folks from high school, college, and the bachelorette party.

Here are some highlights:

E had to take off her strappy sandals - her poor feet!

Everyone unloaded their purses- making room for drinks in hand! (thanks for the pic, Sandra!)

Steph, E, Dan & Sandra

Me & E

Placard outside a room in the hall


SW said...

You ladies are gorgeous; I especially love the powder blue number!! :) You look happy and relaxed, hope you had a great weekend!!

Melissa said...

Cute picture of you 2! Looks like you had a great time.

Kim said...

Nice pic of the 2 of you. Looks like a good time. I would've ditched the shoes too. ;o)

Holly said...

you ladies are gorgeous! Love the pictures!

Keri said...

Your pictures are great! I'm so glad you had such a nice time.

sandra said...

Yay, wedding! Again, loved getting to see you gals.

Anonymous said...

I finally caught-up with the Blog and was amazed/pleased with the pictures that captured your love and good time that you had. Wonderful pictures! I agree with Sandra: You two are HOT! What a great time I had with you, Erin, on Friday afternoon. Thanks for getting up so early so that we could spend time together. Hugs to you both. Dad