Friday, June 8, 2007


Up for a breath! My goodness is it August already? I feel like blogging and baby making only happen in the winter months. There is no way we have time to fit everything into the summer! We are gathering our strength for the last few days of me, I know it is only June 8 but the end will be here before you know it. This is why for us:

June 8 (today): E's staff baseball game

June 9: wake up at the crack of dawn, drive 5.5 hours to the U.P. (Michigan's Upper Peninsula)to camp with friends from Maine.

June 10: Drive back from U.P.

June 11: S leaves for Orlando conference for two days

June 12: E has eveneing board conference call

June 13: S back from Orlando

June 14: E leaves for Michigan for wedding she is in (yes she is wearing a dress)

June 15: S flies to Michigan for wedding

June 17: Drive back from MI

June 18: E has evening board conference call

June 19: E flies to Napa for board meetings (YUCK!!!!!! At least there is wine)

June 23: E flies from Napa to Las Vegas and S flies from Madison to Las Vegas (and it is our 6 year anniversary from our first date)

June 23-26: E attends conference and E and S spend amazing time with Carolyn and Cheryl in Las Vegas

June 26: S leaves Las Vegas

June 27: E leaves Las Vegas

June is over.........


e. said...

holy cow! you two are way too busy!

i hope you get some rest in july!!!!

vee said...

Bloody hell ladies!!

Are you sure you don't want to slip a TWW in there somewhere - it would just fly by!!

I'm off for a week's holiday now - worn out after reading that and need to recover!

sandra said...

I'm just excited that I get to see both of you in a few weeks! And did I mention Barber will be accompanying me to the wedding (as in, male Barber)?!

Anonymous said...

i'm so excited that cheryl and i are on the list! it's been waaay too long (6 months to be exact). we can't wait to see you guys! ~ Carolyn

Adrienne said...

I got exhausted just reading that list! Enjoy your June ;-)

Kim said...

Whew! It wore me out just reading that!

Keri said...

wow. I think I need a nap just imagining what your month feels like.

Atleast you're doing Vegas. Come a few hours North and you'll run right in to all of us in SLC!


Holly said...

WOW! You girls are busy!
I'm scared to see July's schedule!