Thursday, February 15, 2007

From mousse to mouse

Valentine's Day 2007 was unlike any I've had in the past. The day began a bit strangely; we had our HSG, as you all know, an odd way to begin such a love-ly day. The procedure was very quick - not entirely painless - but after the first 4-6 seconds, it was much more of a "discomfort." Said discomfort was, though, entirely worth the good news we received: free and clear tubes.

The evening started out a bit more like a traditional V-Day... E returned from dog class and we sat down to a nice meal full of romantic candle light, heart-shaped mushroom panini's, and lots of shrimp scampi. Dessert... mmmm... was probably my favorite: chocolate mousse, from scratch. Nothing good for you in that one, but rich and perfect. Yum.

As E and I were readying ourselves for bed, one of the cats (Tanner) was overly interested in the recycling bin beneath the sink. We have suspected for some time that something very interesting goes on beneath the sink as every morning the cupboard door is wide open. Erin has even seen the cats both sitting in there. We also figured that those happenings were most likely related to mouse-hunting as Tanner has proven his prowess as a hunter in the past (last week, for instance.) So, we happened upon the cat peering into the recycling bin while paying no attention to us as we entered the room. I immediately suspected mouse and tore the cat away from his game.

Sure enough, a mouse had been dropped (Tanner) into the bin and was trying to jump his way out. Each jump elicited a small screech from me, so E covered the bin with a paper bag and ran the little thing outside to let it go - probably so that it could run right back in... We then spent the next hour+ cleaning and disinfecting under the sink. We also have an appointment with the Orkin man tomorrow morning. Gross!

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Anonymous said...

I always knew you had good looking tubes! As always, I am happy to hear any news that points toward a cousin in Leah's future :) I love you guys.