Wednesday, February 21, 2007


This month is a total bust. My temp was low this a.m., so E was pretty sure that I was going to ovulate at some point today. We called the NP, and she fit us into the ultrasound and consultation schedule. She figured it was better to check than miss it. (She's the best.)

The news we received was not good at all. Not only had the one follicle (our only chance in hell this month) not grown at all, but my estradiol (estrogen) actually dropped - in half. What does this mean, you may ask....

  1. Ovulation will not occur this month.
  2. We don't have to truck 2 vials and a huge container of Bernard to Chicago and MI.
  3. I can drink wine with my family this weekend, and with E on Saturday night when we're hanging in the windy city.
  4. My body is actually regressing... not one f#cking follicle this month, after all this time. A big fat ZERO!
  5. We're getting more anxious - especially me. I'M SO FREAKING FRUSTRATED!!! GIVE ME A BABY, ALREADY!

The acupuncture did help w/ the stress this afternoon.... but if it doesn't make us pregnant, it's not good enough.

We will be regrouping over the weekend. I have to have a bunch of bloodwork done late next week to see if something weird is going on. (I have had all of this done before, so we're expecting it to come back normal.) Other than that... not much to look forward to.


Alissa said...

I'm so sorry. Hang in there, you both are in my thoughts!

sandra said...

Fingers crossed for you guys -- it's going to happen soon, I promise!

Twisted Ovaries said...

I'm so sorry for both of you. Acupuncture and a drink is in order. Not like it makes it better or anything, because it all still sucks, but it's step one to getting back to baseline.

Anonymous said...

Cheryl and I are saddened by the news, but of course we're rooting for March - it is a special month, with the Leprechans and all... We miss you both tons and wish we could be there to give you big hugs. You're in our thoughts. XO