Thursday, February 8, 2007

AF around the corner!

Looks like we are still on track for the next cycle so far. I hate to jinx it but S's BBT dropped today. We expect AF to show up any minute. This will be a no Clomid, no progesterone, no try cycle that looks good on paper! WOW, what a change from a year ago!

We will be arranging for a few tests in the coming week. One to see if S's fallopian tubes are clear and the other to check for polyps in her uterus (just to make sure they haven't come back). Let's hope the good news keeps rollin' in!

Fingers crossed for AF to come today. I have to go to Chicago in two weeks for my strategic planning with my board and we don't want insemination day to land on a day I am gone.....


sandra said...

go, ovaries!!!

Alissa said...

We're pulling for all your girl parts!