Friday, March 16, 2007


I'm heading to Grand Rapids today! I'm really excited to go see S. As I mentioned in an earlier blog single life is just not for me. Schedules are a wonderful thing. Although not waking early just to take a temperature sounds good it is really a tiny trade off in the scheme of things. (I will say a few days away from S while she is on progesterone are certainly a safe way to go!) S is the one that gets me to go to bed earlier than I would on my own, eat healthy foods, and genuinely puts the life in my living.

Here is a typical day without S for me:

Wake up.
Take care of the dog.
Go to work.
Eat unhealthy lunch after walking the dog.
Go back to work.
Play with the dog.
Clean up the house a bit.
Make Mac-N-Cheese
Drink beer
Watch TV
Go to bed too late.
Start all over.

Granted, the things I normally contribute to our schedule and peace are often amiss for S when I’m gone. She is not a big fan of sleeping without me and has trouble getting to sleep. Although, she is the one to get us to bed at a decent time when we are together she often goes to sleep much later than normal when we are apart. I guess we are just better off together.

I’m excited to meet Rachel and see Leah, Betsy, and Paul. I believe I will also get a chance to see the rest of S’s family while we are there. On Sunday we will head over to see my dad, brother, sister-in-law, and niece Maureen. Maureen and her parents just got back from Disney World so I’m sure she will have tons to tell me about meeting all the princesses, Mickey, Tiger, and the Dis crew!

Hopefully the snow that is falling continues to only be scarce flurries and G and I make good time through Chicago!

Happy St. Pat’s!


vee said...

Working better as a couple - yeah. It's those times apart when you really notice all the little things that help you tick along together.
Happy St Patrick's Day.

sandra said...

Happy St. Pat's (er, day after), ER and Sara!!!

Alissa said...

Hope you had a great weekend meeting your new niece!

twistedovaries said...

Make Mac-N-Cheese
Drink beer
Watch TV

You are my kind of people. That's what I call a perfect evening, right there.