Thursday, March 29, 2007

Update CD11 U/S

Well, what to say? I wrote earlier today about three possibilities that could come from our u/s. The three options have, as this exact science seems to do, changed to four. Our follicle that was around 13mm on Tuesday is now probably around 9mm. WHAT?!?! They aren't supposed to shrink!!!!

Well, S’s E2 came back in the 160s, which is pretty good. They found another follicle in the left ovary that is growing (was about 6mm on Tues and is now 9mm). NP thinks this is what is putting off the E2 and so is upping our dose of FSH from 100 to 150. We are scheduled for an u/s on Monday at 8:30 am. S will have her E2 drawn again and then we sit in the tiny tiny room to wait for results.

Fingers crossed on this one. Hopefully over the weekend S will have some symptoms that ovulation is coming and Monday will show us a beautiful big follicle with lots of E2! Come on God, help us this one…

S's SOs were hiding and so she had to have the u/s twice. What a saint!

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vee said...

Down with the shrinking follie, but hurrah for the growing one!!
Good luck with the ultrasound again on Mon. Thinking eggie thoughts for you all weekend.

Alissa said...

Fingers crossed for you guys! I'm pulling for GINORMOUS follies on Monday!

Holly said...

Good luck ladies!!!!
Sending good follie thoughts your way!

Adrienne said...

I'm crossing all my extremities for you guys - good luck with the u/s on Monday!