Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Moving On

We're picking up and moving forward. Steps to recovery after missing a month of even being able to try:
  1. Realize that you are angry, Angry, ANGRY - ... maybe with yourself, maybe with someone you see across the street, maybe with karma, maybe with no one or anything other than infertility.
  2. Decide to take (at least) an evening to mourn
  3. Go to happy hour at a restaurant and eat appetizers (1/2 off) for dinner
  4. Drink 4 glasses of wine (each) at said happy hour
  5. Come home and drink another glass, or so, of vino while playing Trivial Pursuit
  6. Start progesterone regimen the next morning (Come on AF!!)
  7. Go to gym
  8. Eat like rabbits (I've gained 4 pounds!! in the last two months)
  9. Try to not resent life in general
  10. Thank God E and I have eachother,
  11. Hope that next month is different.

We still have a lot to consider. We're not sure how to move forward. Probably the next step is injectibles.... hopefully whatever we choose, this is the last time we have to make any of these blasted decisions. In the meantime, we are going to continue doing whatever it is that we do while in ttc.


e. said...

Aw Fu@k. Sorry.

I do like your list. A. and I usually drown our sorrows in wine when a new cycle starts. It is so hard, but so cathartic to have some sort of release, taking yourselves out sounds like a good self care tactic.

Here's hoping the next one is the last!

Twisted Ovaries said...

We also drown our sorrows. But in addition, with each failure we had, we also took a short holiday away together. I know it's not always practical or easy, but even one night away together helps you feel you're connecting and moving forward together.

Alissa said...

Be good to yourselves. It is great that you're taking the time to nurture your relationship with each other!

Adrienne said...

I, too, love the vino when I don't feel so keen-o after another failure or missed cycle. It's great that you have each other and you're aware of that blessing. I do my best to remember the blessings, too.