Tuesday, March 6, 2007

What is what

What is NOT holding us up on the baby deal:
*Fallopian tubes

What MIGHT be holding us up:
*Egg quality
*Lack of medications
*George Bush
*Type of medication
*Luteal phase
*Egg meets sperm moment
*The heavens
*Estradiol levels
*Jerry Falwell
*Follicle size
*The cosmos

What IS holding us up:

Can anyone tell me what IS holding us up? I'm really getting sick of this. When will the NOT column out number the MIGHT column and there no longer be a IS column.

In addition, does anyone know what the Estradiol level requirements are per follicle? We thought it was 150 but S had an ultrasound on CD26 (yesterday) and they found a 20mm follicle but wouldn't do the hCG because Estradiol was only 170. NP says it is probably a cyst.


Alissa said...

You guys are in my thoughts.

e. said...

George Bush! LOL. Glad you can still infuse some humor!

You are in my thoughts.

Carey said...

A mature follicle should have an E2 level of around 200.

And seriously... LUCK is the biggest factor in my book. From beginning to end... LUCK.

(that's coming from a very 'unlucky' girl in terms of TTCing!!) Ugh. Stupid, stupid luck.