Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hormone Crazy

So... since I never ovulated last month, I have to be on a progesterone regimen to induce AF. This is my third time on this stuff... and it makes me CRAZY!!!! In light of how crazy I can get, my Dr. prescribed a different kind this time around... and I'm sure that's why E and I haven't had any blow out fights - but still... It's like I have had PMS for 5 days, and I still have 4 more pills to take!

  • Soreness
  • Anxiety, aggitation, irritation, or nervousness - one of these at any given time
  • Cravings galore: salt/sweeet/sale/sweet/salt/sweet

I pity anyone that has to spend any significant time with me. At least I don't have any waterworks - I guess it could be worse....


Adrienne said...

Progesterone always does that to me (the food cravings), too! Try popcorn and M&Ms together - so delicious it will make your toes curl.

vee said...

That sounds pretty shite, even without the waterworks.