Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Still in the Saddle

Both E and I felt that we would hear bad news today... we both, for some reason unbeknownst to us, felt like we would hear that we had to take the month off due to cyst or this or that or some other reason.

Thankfully, that was not the case. Usually, I'm the only pessimist in the house, but this time we were both wrong. The cyst is gone, and we have a few little residual or budding follies, just like we're supposed to on CD3.

We ordered our FSH injectibles and they are arriving tomorrow, in time for our Friday begin day. No pics of my belly once we start the pokes: I'm not that kind of gal. I am not as nervous about the needle as I am about the bruising - it's worth it, though! Gone are the days of daydreaming of an easy ttc at home within a few months. BRING ON THE DRUGS!!! or, more precisely: BRING ON THE BABY!!!!!


Adrienne said...

That's wonderful, Sara. Bring it on!

vee said...

Hurrah for not having to have a month off.
I echo your sentiments - bring on the baby!!
(And good luck with those scary needles!!)

Alissa said...

That is great news!

e. said...

woo hoo! yea for not having to take the month off...i am sad that i have to.

i second your "bring on the drugs" notion! i am so done with natural conception and am ready to do what ever i have to. figuratively, clomid was a hard pill to swallow. now i have been there done that attitude and remind myself of the goal - a baby! i never thought i be this person.

best of luck for this cycle!!! :)

Sara said...

I never thought we'd be here (such invasive ART) either - that's why "they" say TTC/IF is a journey, I guess.

Carey said...

congrats on stepping up the protocol!! What drug will you be taking?

Sara said...

I will be on follistim; I should have posted that and asked for any tips!