Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ultrasound CD 11

Today we are going in for our CD 11 u/s at 1:30. We are hoping to see that follicle around 18 mm and S's Estradiol levels are above 200. If it is we will get a prescription for hCG. Then, we will set our alarms for the am (depending on the time of the inseminations) and I will give S the shot (I'm a pro now!) telling her "stubborn ovaries" (SO) to release the egg. If the follicle is not 18 mm we will go back tomorrow for an u/s to see if it is the right size. The worst thing that could happen is that the follicle is gone and we somehow missed ovulation or it wasn't a good follicle. I love this exact science bull.

S and I are both not really feeling like today will produce the results for which we are hoping. Perhaps it is the continued disappointment that has bred a completely jaded outlook on all appointments regarding fertility. S doesn’t seem to have any symptoms that ovulation is close and previous follicles and estradiol levels have taken a crap on us just as we started to get hopeful. Just not feeling it this time.

To boot, we are having one heck of a week. The beautiful weather we had last weekend has left us with cold rainy windy grey days. Our neighbor is re roofing their house and start working far to early which, makes Gladys bark (this better not be the case over the weekend). Work is about to give me a complete meltdown. S is frustrated with the business world. And, we are obsessively looking at moving home to be closer to our families. I will be applying to jobs this weekend in MI and S has hardly come up for air from her job searching.


I mean it we have no shame and will apply to everything! It is a pity that we thought we needed to stay here in Madison to protect our baby (if it ever comes). Now that WI has the same amendment as MI what is the difference. Besides, if we are closer to family when/if someone challenges one of us we have lots of people that will stick up for us near by. Not true here. We have just come to the conclusion that we may have to fight harder in MI to protect our family but we will have the refueling of family members close by to help us to keep moving forward. We just don’t have anything keeping us here in Madison anymore.

Anywho, I will post after the appointment and let ya’ll know what the follie is up to.


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and your follicles and all of your plans for today, tomorrow and all of your tomorrows...good luck. Love you. Dad

Sara said...


Anonymous said...

I hope things go well for you two today, we're thinking about you both and wishing for the best. And we're really going to miss you when you guys leave Madison.

sandra said...

I don't have any jobs for you, but I'll help kick ass if anyone screws with you and your future babies! Good luck!!!

Jamie said...

Tell me more about this amendment... the government teacher in me is very curious.

Alissa said...

Ummm... where exactly in Michigan are you thinking? I happen to know some people in Michigan :)