Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Here’s one for the books!

So last week we went to the dietitian to talk about baby sugars. While we were checking in at the diabetes and dietitian reception desk in walks an employee from (presumably) her lunch hour. What could you imagine she was carrying? An apple? A celery stalk? Some string cheese? NO, a Mountain Dew. Oh that’ll set a good example for all the people scheduled for a consult with the dietitian regarding sugar levels! Can you believe it? Thanks for the support, input, and showing us that your skinny little butt doesn’t have to watch your carbs and sugar intake.

On the other hand, the dietitian that we saw was pretty well aligned with us. She didn’t “teach” us how to count carbs or what a calorie is. She just worked to help us figure out how to make sure the baby sugars stay in check while keeping a pregnant woman full!

Oh, and the office had a flyer in the waiting room about how calcium helps keep people strong and accomplish great things. It had Marion “the prisoner” Jones on it! Um, she is in jail because steroids helped her be strong and accomplish great things. You can keep Venus Williams on there for now though! Geez.

Well, we are off for a busy weekend as of tomorrow so we may not be posting much. Happy hippity hoppity weekend!


SaraS-P said...

That's right - the lifestyle they teach is only necessary for those capable of gaining weight - the ones who'll be the last standing in a famine.

You'd be amazed how many docs and nurses smoke. Health professionals are some of the unhealthiest people I have ever had to deal with.

teakettle3 said...

Hope ya'll have a safe trip and gets lots of great baby stuff at the shower!

Ali said...

That is funny about the dietician. I am always curious to see what those people look like and what they are eating. Have a good weekend!