Monday, March 10, 2008


Did you all know there was such controversy over daylight savings time? I've heard a bit about it on the radio over the last week, and I'm just very surprised. Frankly, I don't care about most of it; I like DST because it means there is another hour of sunlight after work. That is a beautiful, beautiful thing - another entire hour of life every day! Gladys is likely to enjoy it as it will surely mean longer walks in the evening. Add a tinge of warm weather, and we'll be firing up the grill here very soon!

This week sees the end of many of our commitments. Since January, E and I have been running at full speed four days of the week. This week, however, yoga is over as is E & G's dog class. Thursday marks our last birthing class. Ahhhh..... all of this is very good timing as we are now working on lots of legal paperwork for Baby Boy's arrival. We realized last night that we are about 5 weeks from reaching full term. Of course, we will likely have 3-4 weeks beyond that, but 5 weeks isn't much time. So, we spent yesterday finally getting down to some good nesting business: cleaning the basement, going through paperwork etc. I think we can actually get it all done! (Not making any promises here.)

So, we had a good weekend overall. We were productive in that we went swimming, took the dog for some good walks... we made up our missed birthing class and we even watched a movie, which was ok - all in addition to the stuff I mentioned above.

Time seems to be passing quickly now. I'm sure the extra daylight will help that along even more so. Both of us are feeling like we have so much to accomplish (and we do!!), and both of us are just so anxious for May, to finally meet him. E is also incredibly anxious for me to finally agree to one of our names. ** Update on names: We have a brand new list, and we're making some good headway!! **

We will be 32 weeks this week. Wow!!


tbean said...

How is this even possible that you are 32 weeks! This is crazy! Madness! I'm getting so excited for you guys!

Keri said...

It's almost unbelievable! I want to go back through your blog and make sure you have your due date right. :) It just seems to have flown by!
You sound like you're ready. I'm ready too! Now we'll just wait for that handsome little guy for a few more weeks...

Poltzie said...

I'm glad you two are nesting and getting ready. I wish I was as prepared as you two (we still haven't started birthing classes yet, have no nusery and still have the baseboards to finish). I'm starting to have dreams where we aren't allowed to bring the baby home because we have nothing for him - eek!