Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dear Tot

Dear Tot,

I love you very much, and I'm eternally grateful that you are with me. Mutti and I have both loved you before you were ever you.

I'm just writing to remind you that your temperature controlled environment, complete with 24 hour room service is a temporary accomodation. Please remember to care for it while you spend the next 58 or so days there. Here are some guidelines:

  1. Please refrain from standing on my bladder. When you use it as a trampoline, I have to visit the bathroom, often with acute pain and teaspoon sized results.
  2. Please feel free to stretch out and move around, just make sure you are not jabbing me in my rib cage. This causes me a considerable amount of discomfort that results in shortness of breath and an inability to concentrate.
  3. At no time, should it be necessary for you to do both of these things at once.

I love you very much, and I'm looking forward to meeting you in approximately two months.




kwillmetta said...

Don't forget a timely check out would be appreciated with minimal wear and tear to the facility!

vee said...

I have a sneaking suspicion that standing on bladders and digging you in the ribs are things that will continue on the outside too, so to speak. At least then these joys will be shared with your lovely wife!

NotesFrom2Moms said...

i laughed out loud... freaking hilarious... (except i bet it won't be so funny in 20 more weeks...)

sandra said...

I read the list to my friend (who shares an office with me) who just had a baby, and she laughed. And said, "tell her to wait until the baby starts dropping and she feels like she has a big crap in her pants." :)

Keri said...

This is adorable.
I wish you comfort these last couple of months!

Poltzie said...

I hope you don't mind, I stole this and posted it in my womb for Lawson to read!
I can't believe that you two made all of your nusery accessories yourself - you are amazing!!!!!!! Seriously, I am so jealous of your craftyness.
I got a quilt for when the baby is older too but I think it will be good to cover up with in the middle of the night while nursing.
Happy 32 weeks tomorrow, we are so close!

tiff said...

AWH! FYI, That was super cute. Happy 32 wks!

Holly said...

LOL!!! Andrew LOVED sticking his foot under Lois' rib and punching the bladder at the same time! Hence our "inking" phrase ;-)