Monday, January 15, 2007

Winter in the Village

well, winter finally got here. The snow has been coming down steadily since last night. It's almost a relief... we were prepared for a snowy winter, but the temps were warm and spring-like until this week. Since we won't be trying for baby until Feb or March, it will be nice to look forward to a rejuvenating spring.

E's dad is still here. He had planned to leave, but the weather has given us another day to visit. He's walking our dog right now; she definitely loves him more than us, and he has given her every reason (several walks a day) to do so. big plans this evening include watching the Golden Globes, eating something i drum up from the kitchen, and maybe playing a bit of darts.

Our np appt is on Wednesday and we are still looking forward to that. the IVF clinic is at 2:30 on Thursday, and I'm pretty anxious for that appt. I'm not sure what I think we are going to get out of these meetings, but since it's time to regroup, I'm anticipating what our team of experts will recommend to us. I guess we just have to keep our fingers crossed that everyone feels pretty positive about our chances....

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