Saturday, January 27, 2007

Getting things done (slowly)

While Erin is still in Boston, I have been working on my to do list:

1. Organize papers so that I can do taxes in a couple of weeks
2. Create and order a photo album for "2006 according to Erin & Sara"
3. Sign up for pilates
4. Clean house
5. Do Laundry
6. Grocery Shop
7. Clean out pantry and refrigerator (find whatever "it" is....)
8. Refill my spices
9. Find recipes for sister and niece visit next weekend

That's just the first part of my list. Guess how much I've accomplished: nada. I have started several of these list items, but have yet to check any one of them off of the list. Here, I thought I had three days without E, and I would be able to get so much done...

One of my excuses: well, I can't sign up for pilates b/c the classes have all started for this round and prorating at the YMCA doesn't begin until Tuesday (IFF there are still spots available.) I did manage to pick up everything that the dog chewed while she was protesting my momentary refusal to take her on a walk yesterday morning, but I've yet to actually clean the house. I am also - to my credit- mired in digital photos both on my computer and on the website. It's not that I'm lazy, it's that I always think things take much less time than they do. Short list of what I've done since I returned on Thursday afternoon:

1. walked the dog 4 times (plus the dog park and a trip to the pet store for cat litter)
2. stopped at the deli to get something to eat for yesterday and today (who cooks for one person?)
3. re-started my photo project
4. talked to two of my three sisters 3-4 times (each).
5. watched HGTV while catching up on email, updating myspace, and petting my cats
6. talked to C in SF a few times

yeah, that's not very much for 2.5 days.... ahhh well. At least on the baby front, all is relatively well. We will probably try in just about a month from now. Before then, there will be a few tests, but we're actually expecting good reports out of them. We're hoping that we're just waiting for the statistics to kick in. (After all, 57% of couples achieve pregnancy within the first three months....)


Alissa said...

I think what you have accomplished in the past few days sounds absolutely lovely. Talking to sisters on the phone always takes up enormous amounts of time, but is always worth it!

Anonymous said...

I love that you included TWO lists within this one post! You should add THAT to your list of accomplishments! Miss you guys ~ Carolyn