Friday, January 19, 2007

Go East

We leave for Boston today, and I'm running around getting us ready. Not being employed in a traditional full-time position sure has its benefits when it comes to this kind of thing (as well as making babies.) We leave today at 2, so I have until then to walk the dog, take her to "camp, get my haircut, pack, and pick up the house enough so that our friend I isn't astounded when she checks in on the kitties. (Thanks again, by the way!)

In addition to our previously arranged engagements, we will now be seeing some friends from business school for lunch as well. We have more friends on the East Coast than we do in Madison!! We know it will be cold, but we're keeping our fingers crossed for lots of walkable weather so that we can see and do lots of stuff.

I plan to get on once or twice this week to update, but there will be no baby news for a couple of weeks until I have another procedure done to make sure things are working well - after that, we plan on trying again in Feb.


sandra said...

Oh, sad! I'm going to be in Boston in a few weeks for work -- would have loved to be there at the same time as you guys.

Alissa said...

Have a great trip! Thanks for the link!