Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Juggling Gladys

Well yesterday proved to be a nice challenge in the life of juggling the needs of a dependant! I was returning to work after a week out of the office at the point in which I turn towards the busy season. I got a call from a...well let me just say... somewhat frantic S. She had taken Gladys our 15-month-old English Springer Spaniel
to the vet to have a wart on her lip inspected and hopefully removed. The wart isn't painful for her just us do to the looks of it and the fact that it gets bloody when she plays ball! Anywho, the G needs to be knocked out for the procedure because this type of growth is often deep into the tissue as well and so she was scheduled for removal today! While at the vet S went ahead and got G her vaccinations. They gave her four at once and she immediately became lethargic and her gums whitened. G's blood pressure dropped extremely low and she had to be put on IV fluids. They also gave her an antihistamine shot because they could not tell if it was an allergic reaction or just overload.

G was stabilized and doing better, this is when S called me at work. She hardly got 3 sentences out and she was crying so hard (those that know S are not too shocked) the vet took the phone. The vet explained the situation to me and I knew S was calling me to find out if I could bring the dog to work because she had to go to a meeting. G needed to be watched closely for the rest of the day.

I met S at home for lunch, picked up G, and brought her to work while I tried vigorously to catch up from the week out of the office. I guess I'm telling this story as it is a lesson for us to remember when we have kids that even when we are busy we might have to drop everything we are doing because they need us. Thank you G for our wonderful lesson and throwing our entire day yesterday into a complete spin!

G is doing fine today. It turns out the reaction was an allergy as she had some swelling later in the day. Benadryl helped and now she is getting cosmetic surgery to remove her wart!


Anonymous said...

Thank GOD Gladys is finally getting that thing lopped off! Just kidding. I'm glad everything turned out fine. And yes, what a good lesson! ~Carolyn

Anonymous said...

You really should have posted a picture of Gladys with the wart...maybe after a play session when it's gushing blood. That would have really rounded out the post. Maybe next time. ~Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Glays with cosmetic surgery! I hope she does not come out looking like Kenny Rogers or Joan Rivers. I am so glad that Gladys is mending and the two of you are relaxing. Great talking with you last night. Good luck & much love. Dad