Friday, April 11, 2008

What was I going to say again?

At some point in the wee hours of this morning, I was awakenedy by one of my usual urges to visit the powder room. When I returned to bed, sleep refused to come. So, I lied there thinking. I ran through my usual thoughts: work (aaagghhhckk!! I have to get x, y, AND z done!), house work (we can check a,b, and c off this weekend if we put our minds to it!), and then I waited for Tot to kick me.

While running through my nightly neuroses, I also had the best idea for a post. I mean, I came up with the best subject and even plotted not only the subject matter but the intracacies of the format. I was so engrossed in the idea that I had to wait again for Tot to kick because I missed it the first time (I like to really enjoy my middle of the night bonding.)

So, I sat down today to write this post figuring I'd remember it if I put my mind to it: Nope. It's not there. My brain is empty this Friday afternoon. I guess it's time for the weekend.


Ali said...

That happens to me all the time, while I am lying in bed or driving. I have these great ideas and swear to myself I will remember them and poof they are gone.

ajs4ever said...

I totally understand! I have been just zoning off during the middle of a conversation! I guess these babies take more out of us than we realize:)

Dr. Grumbles said...

Must be placenta brain. Once you get your body back to yourself, then you'll have all those extra duties to distract you... so maybe you never get your thinking back!

All worth it, though, from what I hear!

tiff said...

Wow...24 days left!!! Can't wait! Anyway, I swear I have that all the time with the ideas about posts....then I sit down, and NOTHING!

It is so cool that you and tot having bonding time at night!!