Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Buckle down

It is time for us to buckle down and work on getting the final list together for Tot's arrival. At work that means handing things off for maternity leave (both of us, but me only 2 weeks and S 12 weeks). We have decided that most things that aren't done already outside of work are just "would be nice" things to get done but nothing is mandatory. My work shower is Friday and then Saturday we will go shopping for the final list of things we need. I think we are in really good shape.

How about a shout out to the blogworld about what is the one thing you wanted, needed, or were really glad to have packed in your suitcase for the birth? Those of you that haven't made the trip to the birth yet, what is the one thing in your "I think I'm going to want" category? Thanks for the help!


Anonymous said...

Reaching back into the 4-years-ago (this week!) archives...

The best thing we brought a spray bottle with a mini-fan on the end. It was warm in the birthing room.

Two oops items:

1) My partner (bio mom) brought a comfy nightgown, figuring that the hospital gowns wouldn't fit her well enough for for modesty. Good idea, but the guy who did the epidural gave us a mini-lecture on why you shouldn't bring your own gown. Hospital gowns can be removed without having to go over the head... helpful if you have an IV. So a shirt-style nightgown would have worked better.

2) M was induced unexpectedly after a routine checkup. Although we had a bag ready in the car for her, we hadn't packed anything for me. So I recommend a change of comfy clothes and 2-3 pairs of socks/underpants for the partner.

I'm so excited for you two!

tiff said...

I think that that spray bottle sounds like a great idea. I, unfortunately, don't have many pointers for you, as I haven't been there yet!! Are you giving birth in a birthing center with a midwife?? If you aren't getting any pain medication, I would just have WHATEVER makes you the most calm & comfortable, whatever that mean. Man, I'm getting so excited for you guys!

Holly said...

It's getting so close! This is so exciting!

Let's see. In our bag, we had: 2 changes of clothes, (I forgot socks), all of the makeup and toiletry essentials, etc. Snacks, handheld video game (I'm really a 10 yr old boy).

I did forgot shampoo and conditioner and all they had in the hospital room shower was a "bath/shampoo/everything" stuff that was terrible.

We were in the hospital for 2 days after Andrew was born. It got boring.

We brought a nightgown for Lois and she preferred staying in the hospital gown (but a robe was nice for if she wanted to wander around a little).

Our bag was huge. I hope you guys are more practical than we were.

Keri said...

Don't forget socks - long socks. That way you'll have warm feet during labor and also socks when you're more up & around. That's one thing I remember not having enough of.
SO excited that you're getting so close!!

*G* said...

We packed WAY more than we could even begin to think about using. I couldn't really use most of the clothes we brought until the 4th day (but hopefully you two won't be in the hospital as long as we were).

It was nice to have lots of comfy socks. Oh, and a camera that works! (We broke ours as we were checking into the hospital!) Our food options were pretty good, but it's always nice to have favorite snacks, especially if the place has a time that they shut down the kitchen for the night.

MaMaMia said...

Yes to having snacks for E, but try to avoid strong smelling stuff ie, coffee--that can smell awful on someone's breath!

I was going to say your breastpump, but I'm thinking that you may have already broken that puppy in! Do you each have your own??

I appreciated being able to wear regular clothes too, even if it was just a pair of yoga pants and a bf top. Yes to the socks too!

I'm getting so excited to hear of Tot's arrival!!

kwillmetta said...

Chapstick! B didn't have any, and I lost "sisterly-devotion" points for not being properly supplied.

Meredith said...

For the non-bio mom: your own pillow, a blanket and either sturdy socks or slippers. I slept on the fold-our chairbed thing in our hospital room and it was terrible. It was right next to the A/C (why that was on in late October I don't know) and I was freezing the whole time. Biomom will stay comfy and cared for the whole time, but nonbio will be on her own except for some juice/coffee. Sleep is key at the hospital, so whatever will make either of you sleep well is GREAT.

Jamie said...

It's always what you don't have that is the problem. SNACKS! I was STARVING after birth and too timid to ask the nurses for food in the middle of the night. Definitely SNACKS!!

E, M, and the Little Man said...

camera, video camera and if you have an i*pod speaker dock or portable cd player, lots of soothing music (we had josh gr.oban, en.ya, sa.rah mc.lachlan etc.). When I hear that music now I immediately think of the birth. Kind of cool!

Anonymous said...

A folder to keep all the paperwork you will receive and the baby book for foot/hand prints! ~Danielle

Anonymous said...

admittedly, we packed our bags AFTER my water broke (37w5d) so our bags were a little screwy, BUT what i didn't realize was that I was going in VERY pregnant and would come home not so packing my 6 mos. maternity clothes WOULD have been a good idea instead of clothes i was wearing at 9 mos... i can not stress enough how important it is to have you list pf things you want to bring all printed out. there are some things you can't pack till you leave - i.e. cell ph charger. i was very helpful to grab our list and go around the house packing.

oh - i did find button up or zip up shirts helpful as i was getting the hang of breastfeeding.