Monday, April 7, 2008

Last patch

The last patch of our over 100 inches of snow has left our yard! I have slight sunburn (not that hard for me to get). The house was cleaned with the window open. We grilled and ate almost every meal on the deck. Yup, spring is here. We had a fun and busy weekend.

On Friday I did the spring thaw dog poop pick up while S sat on the deck enjoying the weather. An Easter Egg arrived from my dad so we decided to go out to dinner. Our friend S joined us and the evening was nice and relaxing.
On Saturday, we slept in and then went directly outside! G ran around, chewed sticks, played ball, and loved her Mom and Mutti being in the backyard with her. We ate breakfast on the deck! S went grocery shopping and I cleaned the house. Then it was grilled chicken sausages for lunch and a walk with G. Our walks now consist of S wearing a backpack chair to the park and then sitting while G and I play Frisbee! It works for everyone!

Next we were off to a wonderful shower for our friends T and J, thrown by I and M, to celebrate T, J and little M’s union!

After that we were off for another walk to the park with G, grilled dinner, and then our friends M and S came over. They are due on the 20th!

Yesterday, included church, H*me Dep*t, working on refinishing our china cabinet, sewing a bed skirt, working on some legal documents, laundry, and a walk with G.
Phew….no wonder I’m tired! At least I didn’t have to shovel!


Lizzie said...

Yay for spring!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I really hope I have a pregnancy like yours darling. You are so good at it! Hope you have many more beautiful days ahead. ox

Ali said...

I'm tired just reading what all y'all do in the way of projects. I need to step it up :-)

kwillmetta said...

Wait! Doesn't the spring thaw dog poop pick up involve shoveling???

Sounds like you two had a really wonderful week-end. Cheers!