Thursday, February 28, 2008

Photomontage of the month in review

Technically this was in January but here is one of the primary causes of stress this month, the three-season-porch leak from ice damming.

At the beginning of Feb. we got away to a cabin for respite, centering, and a plain old vacation. Here is S and G by the fire!

Here is a picture of the basement mid-search for the “problem”….i.e. pipe burst.

Shortly after the pipe burst our wonderful family members, K and B arrived with their 8 month old Newfoundland, Olive. She and G had their moments (we blame G) but are very good dogzins!

Finally, the one you all have been begging for, the 30-week belly shot in the nursery. Isn't she so cute!!!! Enjoy!

Happy end of winter…we hope!


MaMaMia said...

Wow have you been through a lot this winter. At least you have that Tot growing along to keep your spirits up! And S, you look adorable!!
Hey, E, how's the lactation induction coming along--or hasn't that begun yet? Are you going to be using domperidone?

Alissa said...

I LOVE the nursery! You look gorgeous, you have the beautiful pregnant glow.

E, M, and the Little Man said...

Love the belly pic. You look great!

Keri said...

S looks so beautiful! & the nursery is just perfect!
Here's wishing you some much needed sunshine & warmth!

mrsbluemont said...

I LOVE the nursery! I'm sending Angi to this so she can get an idea of what my dream nursery looks like. Bravo to you two! S is so beautiful. Congrats!

Poltzie said...

Sara you look so so so cute!
I love the nusery too! I'm so jealous, my "nursery" is full of M's crap still :(

Ali said...

Aww, I love the belly shot and the nursery. A that dog is sooo precious

*G* said...

Yay for a belly shot! And there's so much natural light in the nursery. Awesome!

tbean said...

Sara you look fantastic! As does the boy inside and that nursery!
And the dogs are pretty cute too.
Here is to warmer months, an early spring, and exciting new times ahead!

vee said...

I can't believe you had that much ice on the INSIDE of your porch!

Love what you have done with the nursery. Very cute baby belly picture!

Chris K said...

I like big belly's, and I cannot Sara, you are so beautiful!! My belly is catching up to yours. I'm so happy for you both. Can't wait!!