Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Finding a pediatrician

Well, E and I are about to start the search for a pediatrician. I'm going to throw a few questions out to you wise folks:

  • How do you conduct a search anyways? I mean, we have lists of names and some recommendations, but now what? Do we make an appointment and come up with a list of interview questions? Do we just call? Do we just take a recommendation? (not likely, we're research junkies.)
  • What questions do you ask and what do you look for in a pediatrician? I'm sure we will come up with a good list, but we've not yet begun to think about this, so if you have any good thoughts or questions/answers that you found illuminating, please share!

E left this morning. She's such a saint. She's already called me twice to tell me she loves me. She knows that a hormone-filled wife is even more needy than her usual!


Ali said...

I'll leave any good advice to the already mom's out there and jot it down myself.
It is tough. Do you have any nurse friends at the hospital. They would be able to give you insider stuff.

mrsbluemont said...

I'm afraid that I don't have any advice other than to ask other mums you trust who they use and then interview the docs.

Glad you're doing well and have such a sweet wife! I can't believe how far along you are already. Very very happy.


Merr said...

We just found some doctors that took our insurance and then scheduled a meet and greet with them. Our first impression was important as well as the doctors response to us as lesbians. We also wanted to make sure we had someone that had our same beliefs on parenting. Also availability. The first guy we met with seemed fine enough. He was close to our house and he was nice. So we went with him. We didn't really have time to meet with more. The problem was availability though. We were to schedule a two day old visit and they couldn;t get us in until 7 days or such. When we gave birth the pediatrician on call came in. I was in the bathroom and she asked Sum if she was "mom" too. I just knew right then that I liked her and she's awesome. So we went with her. They have always been able to get us in when we need and her nurse is the nicest lady. So anyway I think you'll just "know" when you meet him or her. And if you don't like one you can switch until you find the right one. Good Lick!

E, M, and the Little Man said...

We just went with someone who was recommended to us by a friend (her son goes to him). He's been okay. We figured we stay with him unless we ever felt like we wanted to switch.

The main thing for us was we didn't want a doc who would harass us about our decision to forego most vaccinations. He's been good about that so far.