Friday, February 1, 2008

Photo Friday: Black and White

Higgins has been with me for most of his 8.5 years. He is our "special" cat. I adopted him from a rescue, and he's just never been a well boy. He spent his first week or so with me at the kitty hospital, most likely for stress in retrospect. His favorite being in the world is Tanner, our other kitty. The only person he cares for is me, and he never really forgave me and E for moving in together, let alone for bringing a dog into the mix. He is a sweet cuddler when he isn't cowering under the spare room bed.

He is a sweet cuddle boy, though. I love him to bits when he jumps into bed with me. He will actually sleep under the covers if the dog is nowhere to be found (like when I sleep in the spare room to save E from my pregnancy snores!!) He has a snaggle tooth that juts out, and we think it's the cutest little thing. He doesn't come when called by any of his names, but he is affectionately known as: Snags, Snaggle, Higgs, Professor Higgins, ghost face (b/c he hides in the dark and all you can see is his white face), cuddle bunny, cuddle boy, and whatever else catches our fancy when he decides to stand at the edge of the living room and "join" us in whatever we're doing.


jay said...

All together now: ahhhhhhhh!

Anonymous said...

That's not a cat. It's just another tree ornament! Now it has been confirmed that Higgins is a fake cat. Enjoy your weekend in the wilderness. Love you. Dad