Monday, February 18, 2008

The effect of family

One of my sisters and her husband brought their dog for the weekend. We did nothing spectacular: went out to eat, brought dogs to the park, ate in, sat around and talked, ate ice cream, etc... Nothing spectacular at all.

Still, we had a weekend unlike one we've had in a long time. We felt connected, loved, and understood. It's been a while since I've felt that way... Unfortunately, I was so down after they left. I just feel so trapped: trapped by the weather here (ugh! we're up to nearly 7' of snow this winter), trapped a bit by my job these days, and trapped by being so far away from the people we love but needing to stay here.

See my ability here to take something good like a warm comfortable weekend and turn it into something bleak?

This week is going to be a bit hard for me. E has to leave on Wednesday morning for a trip until late Saturday afternoon. I'm just hoping the bad weather ends today so that I can manage walking the dog... which also means that it has to be warm enough that I don't really have to zip my coat all the way since it doesn't fit anymore! The worst part will be that my love is so far away from me; I admit I'm a bit codependant.

Two weeks until March. I'm holding out hope that we'll have an early spring after a winter like this. I'm sick of hearing myself complain about my winter blues.


vee said...

Ugh - 7' of snow for more than about 2 days is enough to make me feel depressed. I'm sorry you guys can't be where you would like to be. Hang in there. I'll keep my fingers crossed for an early and beautiful spring for you.

jay said...

ah, me too. and as another codependant, I UNDERSTAND. feel free to blog extra while she's gone if it helps just a bit? i hope it gets warmer! xx

Anonymous said...

the weather sucks here too. it's been really hard to be so couped up with Mr. E. i can't wait for spring to pop it's head out, even if for only a few days per week!

Keri said...

You complain all you want - 7' of snow is just uncalled for! That's about 6' too much for anyone. :)
I'm sorry E is leaving this week. I'm such a sucker when C leaves town. I start pouting about a week ahead of time. Just come back here a little more than you usually do - we'll be here.
Big hug.

bleu said...

Aww so sorry you will be apart this week. It IS hard and emotions run high at this point.
Congrats on the 3rd trimester. I cannot believe how fast it has gone (from my end at least). I always felt like they should be in even thirds myself.

Much much love and a speedy second half to your week!!!!!!!!!

kwillmetta said...

They showed a picture of your town on the news this last weekend, and I shivered for you both. brrrrrr!

I understand how hard it is to not have family THERE. I cannot imagine not having my sister near, there is just something about being with someone who came from the same EVERYTHING you did. The emotional and verbal shorthand that exists... Although his "exile" is farther than yours and we see each other less, with my brother living on the other side of the big blue marble it is just hard. I miss just being in his company and talking about nothing of importance. Thank god for email and the Internet!

Cheer up! E's trip will be done before you know it. Get the number of a professional dog walker in case it gets too cold for you to walk the puppy. Invite a friend with a warm hearty laugh, good disposition, and strong back to visit once or twice for dinner. It will keep your spirits up and maybe they will shovel the walk if need be.
Let the other people in your life bless you right now.