Monday, January 21, 2008

The weekend update

E and I had a very nice weekend. Last week, we decided that we had been shut ins long enough! So, Saturday we braved the frigid temperatures (-26 with windchill one morning!!,) and we attended a fundraising brunch, met the cutest smoosh-face of a baby that our friends are adopting, and THEN - yes three outings in ONE day!- then we visited with some other friends who are preggo too. This worked out especially well: we brought our dog so that she could play with their dog. Our friend S is also preggo, so she and I munched on cookies and fruit while our friend M and E drank beers. All of this over good conversation and some Trivial Pursuit. A perfect Saturday night if you ask me.

Sunday, we spent the afternoon at Bord.ers and perused the baby-reading section. We purchased one book with a gift certificate and vowed to use up the rest of the certificate after we have our shower and want to add additional kids' books to our library. Of course, we used the evening to eat pizza and ice cream - well, OK that's what I did. E watched the Pa.cker game. Personally, I am relieved they lost. No more football (on the news, in the paper, in the hallways at work) until next season. Phew!

Today we may be in the midst of another snow storm. Luckily, the high today is above zero. Sure, it "feels like 0" according to the weather site, but there are no "-" signs in front of the numbers, so we have slight improvement.

The extra bonus for today: G went to doggie daycare this morning. G's daycare had been closed for roof repair the last two weeks. With the ludicrously cold weather and the naturally delicate condition of our human skin she was terribly short on an energy outlet. (She couldn't care less about delicate human skin. She has two coats of fur and an amazingly exuberant love for snow and cold.) We managed to sneak her onto today's docket for doggie daycare, so she will be a giant tired lump tonight. Yahoo!! She will still go on her regularly scheduled day, which means two days of lumpy G this week! That's definitely the best part of my Monday.


kwillmetta said...

That does sound like a lovely week-end.

Keri said...

What a nice weekend!
Keep inside - that weather just sounds awful. Zero? Really? Blech!

Renee and Janice said...

Sounds like fun!! But man, that cold wind is just too much!!!

mrsbluemont said...

Great weekend! I HATE football too. Let's get it over with and have "A Baby Story" on Monday nights instead. :)

sandra said...

I kind of think that after a certain point, they should just stop telling you how cold it is outside; it just seems mean at some point!

MaMaMia said...

I have a co-worker that takes her dog to ddc and loves it too!

I was just re-reading your TTC journey. A) You have been through a heck of a lot B)It is so incredibly cool the circumstances that are bringing you Tot. Wow.