Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The double-digit countdown

We are down to two digits... 99 days to go until our EDD. We have so much to get done!


ajs4ever said...

How awesome!!! I am on your coattails and I so now what you are talking about with wondering if you will get it all done!!

*G* said...

The big day is getting close! (btw, are you two registered anywhere?)

Don't forget to add to your 'to do list' things like sleeping in when possible, enjoying a nice leisurely breakfast in bed, lots of naps, dinner out at your favorite places, spending as much quality time with each other as possible, etc...taking time to take care of yourselves (and each other!) during your last few months as a family of 2 will help you get through the time period when those things will take a little more effort to fit in as a family of 3 :)

Merr said...

Woo Hoo! It'll be here sooner than you know it!