Monday, January 14, 2008

Not noteworthy, but productive

E & I had a very nice weekend. We did not do anything of any significance, but we did manage to get quite a few tasks accomplished:

  • Thank you notes from Christmas (finally!!)
  • Mailing a few parcels (and above-mentioned notes)
  • Filling out paperwork for the legal baby stuff coming up
  • Going through our stack of mail & papers and separating into important/keep v. throw it away
  • Put up the new light in the nursery, re-attached wall plates, patched a hole in the wall
  • E shoveled the driveway (AGAIN!!)
  • Signed up for "the art of baby-wearing" and "cloth diapers 101"

We also managed to do a few fun things:

  • Watched Oceans 13
  • Watched The Queen
  • Had a nice Sunday brunch
  • Took Gladys to the dog park and on a few nice walks

Next weekend, we actually have social plans. Yahoo!! I hope we've not forgotten how to be fun! I also start my prenatal yoga this week, and I am truly looking forward to it. I've never taken any yoga classes before, so this will be a brand new experience. I'm hoping the class will re-invigorate my motivation for exercise. Walking the dog in the dark, damp cold just doesn't do it for me. My cold has also finally receded, so I will be up for starting water aerobics and swimming this week. (It may have been an excuse, but I could not imagine getting anything positive out of swimming when not able to breathe on my own.)

I feel like the holidays are truly behind us and we are now focusing on getting things in order for when Tot arrives. I can feel my anxiety and excitement rising every time I think about him. We're conceivably just 4 months away!!


sandra said...

I have a feeling you're going to LOVE yoga. I started doing it about five years ago and I have never felt better than when I was doing it a few times/week. Tot will thank you for it.

vee said...

Um, your weekend activities - I think that's called "nesting"!

mrsbluemont said...

You certainly have a lot going on! Swimming and yoga?! You could kick my non-pregnant ass.