Sunday, January 6, 2008

It's 46 degrees today *Updated*

Earlier this week we had temps below zero. Now, we have temps approaching 50 degrees. wow! Lucky for us, our near-record snowfall combined with these high temperatures = leaking gutters and rooftops. Yes, our dining room lamp has been dripping for two days. Our blinds in the dining room are completely trashed- traces of yellow schmutz on them from the leakage that drained from the roof to the gutter, through the wall and down onto the shades (and into the big drip-catching pots.) I won't even talk about the garage.

The weekend hasn't been all leaks, though. We also have worked a bit on baby's room, purchasing a new light fixture (the old one was HIDEOUS) and a new rug.

Most importantly, E felt Tot kick for the first time the other day. Yahoo! He's in there and now she can feel him too!!! So far, this kicking business is my favorite part of the pregnancy. I feel like he is always giving me 1-2 punches, and so far I love each and every one of them.

*Now the paint in our dining room is peeling off from all of the humidity in there!*


E said...

The kicking is great and even more so when it's felt on the outside! A loves to feel Moon. It just gets more and more intense (...and not always fun).

La said...

That is so exciting!!! Can't wait to see the pics of the nursery. Sorry to hear about the leaks.

vee said...

I love how you're so stoical in the face of leakage disaster! If my house was leaking like that I'd be having 6 fits! Hope you manage to patch everything up alright.
And the kicking - ahh! I imagine that's one of the coolest things.

Alissa said...

This weather is crazy!

Holly said...

I love the kicking! How cool!
We used to put things on Lois' belly, nice the remote, and watch the boy kick away! It makes it seem more real when the non-bio mom feels it for the first time!

How wonderful!

tiff said...

Awh. I can't wait till I feel those little kicks one day. I bet it's awesome!

We're having crazy-warm weather here too!!! 71 degrees today in Richmond, VA!!!

*G* said...

Ugh! That does *not* sound like a good time with the water. Luckily you have the tot's kicking to balance out the ick a bit this week!

Sarah said...

i'm in the middle of a snow storm myself. yucky weather is just yucky. sorry for all the water woes.

so happy that you have the kicks to distract you! i imagine that is the most incredible thing in the world. hope you're feeling great and get through the weather quick!