Friday, December 14, 2007

Our blog crush is.......

Vee and jay from making cakes the hard way ! Why, because they are English? but that helps. It is because they are the people S and I talk about the most and that we hurt the most for when they get the BFN.

Vee and Jay’s fortitude provides us with a push forward in our own lives. They support each other and encourage each other in a way that makes that persuit for a baby always seem like the BFP is just around the corner. They allow themselves to be down, struck with fear, and outright mad about their fertility struggle. They also proceed with their life in general by opening a business, moving to a new place, and live outside of infertility.

We read their blog, their emotions, and their courage on a daily basis. We admire them. Pray for their success in life and most of all send every ounce of baby luck we have to them. They are going to be amazing moms.

Here is to our blog crush, making cakes the hard way!


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, now you made us both cry! We are very honoured, thank you very much. And now we don't know what else to say, so... bye! xxxx said...

I ditto your post. Love them! But I love you two too, sweetheart!