Friday, December 14, 2007

Get your vote on!

Tuesday, we get a glimpse into Tot's world again! We are more excited than we can put into words! We are also hoping to get a glimpse of whether Tot has boy bits or girly ones. We've put a poll in the side bar, and we'd love your votes! Here's a bit of info that may (or may not) be helpful in guessing:

  • 160 beats/minute or above at every appointment
  • extreme and all-day nausea subsided circa 15.5 weeks
  • weight gain ~7 lbs so far
  • food aversions: meat, lettuce
  • food loves: cereal, fruit (Clementines!!)
  • Ring test: circles the first time, side to side the second, side to side THEN circles the third time!!
  • insem right after ovulation, we think
  • Chinese chart says girl or boy depending on which one you look at!

I don't know what else you'd like to know, but we'd love to see your guesses!! We will let you know on Tuesday!!


*G* said...

I'm voting for girl, purely from the old tale of something about the heartbeat being consistently above 150 meaning girl. Worked for us!

Anonymous said...

so exciting!
Did you guys do any of those Chinese charts?

Sara said...


We did do those charts. The Chinese one came back as girl, and another one came back as boy!!!

Merr said...

I am so excited to see what you are having. I think it is a boy!

Ali said...

Hmmm, your clues could go either way... how about this clue- Was your insem before or after ovulation and by how many hours?

Have you done the nacklace and ring test? Where you have someone with a steady hand dangle the ring on the necklace over your belly and if is swings in a circle- girl and side to side - boy.

Melissa said...

Can't wait for the news. I'm getting a boy vibe.

K J and the kids said...

I just evened the score. 50/50
my vote of course is a girl.

Renee and Janice said...

Can I see some belly shots?? That normally helps me to figure out if it's a boy or a girl?? :)

tbean said...

Girl vote from me!

kwillmetta said...

I went for the truly sentimental vote....girl, becuase I like to buy those ruffle-butt pants as baby presents!!

Keri said...

Seriously girls, this baby is a GIRL! Why are you second guessing me? Little Bo Peep is going to look back on your doubt and question your dedication to her Auntie Keri.
Girl, girl, girl! xo.