Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Three years ago today, E and I exchanged these words in front of 80 friends and family:

I am grateful to you for all that you are.
Before you, I was content to live life.
With you, I am inspired to experience all of God's creation.
I cherish the qualities you bring to our relationship.
You are my friend.
You are my most intimate companion.
Thank you for your love, your support, and your strength;
Thank you for your tears and your laughter.
Today, I give you my heart.
I promise to honor you in life.
I will remain faithful for all time.
I will nurture our relationship.
I will support your growth spiritually and personally.
I promise to listen to you.
I will encourage you.
I promise to endure good times and bad
To spend my life, forever, with you.
I love you.

Thank you for the best 6.5 years of my life (so far!) Thank you for working with me to make our dreams come true. I love you with my entire heart. You are my most intimate companion, and I promise to endure good times and bad to spend my life, forever, with you.

I love you.


Keri said...
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Keri said...
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Keri said...

oh girls...what a wonderful New Years Eve you're having - celebrating each other and your new little baby BOY!
Congrats on the 3 years of wedded bliss - here's to many, many, more!

Sarah said...

Beautiful vows. Congrats on 3 years and many more to come as your family grows. Much love and wedded bliss to you both! xo

Ali said...

Congratulations! What beautiful vows. God bless you all!

*G* said...

Very Happy Anniversary, E and S! Next year, your little boy can add to the fun by sharing his smiles, giggles, and squeals of delight during the celebration of his moms' special day :)

Renee and Janice said...

Amazing words!! How sweet!! Are they copywrighted?? :) Happy Anniversary and Happy New Years!!

kwillmetta said...'s to 50 more...

kwillmetta said...

Oh yeah.....have I mentioned I can't spell....

That's CongraTulations!

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary girls.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversay and special blessings to both of you and to the family you are building so lovingly. You make me proud. Celebrate and enjoy. Love you. Dad

tiff said...

Awesome vows. Happy New Year girls!

SaraS-P said...

Beautiful! Congrats on the years behind and the years ahead with your little one!

sandra said...

Congrats on three married and 6.5 together years -- you guys rock, and Tot is going to feel so lucky to have you as parents.