Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's the most wonderful (ly busy) time of the year

Why is it that I have to have so much anxiety over the holidays?

Love cooking/baking and eating? - CHECK
Love gift wrap (such pretty paper) - CHECK
Love my sisters and my mom - CHECK
Love spending time with family - CHECK
Love playing games and making crafts - CHECK
Love watching Gladys play in the snow - CHECK

So, why oh WHY do I have an anxiety attack every time we're about to leave for MI....?

I really do love this time of year, but packing up and heading out and then driving from one place to another with no hours to spare... it just really wears on me. This year the anxiety is a bit lower as I've adjusted my mental framework in a few key ways... I'll leave that for another post. Still, I honestly don't have the energy I usually do, and the busyness just overwhelms me, and it hasn't even truly yet begun!

I don't mean to complain so much. Everyone is so happy to see us (and why wouldn't they be?), which is a nice welcome every time. We just have to cram so much into two days with my fam and one day (this year) w/ E's fam - it's a lot of work. Of course, we have to let Tot spend time with his cousins and aunts and uncles - obviously, not going to see the extended fam is NOT an option.

So, we leave tomorrow from work. We are packing the car tonight with gifts, food, our own belongings and a few for the dog. We will be cleaning the house a bit (who doesn't like returning to a tidied home?), and then feeding and watering the kitties (they can make it four days!) I think we have all of the errands out of the way, and I am not going to get around to making that salad dressing my sister has been asking after... I did, though, send her the recipe this afternoon, so that will have to do.

I don't know about Santa, but we've definitely made our list, and I've checked it twice (or thrice...)

Happy Holidays everyone!!


tbean said...

The holidays are always exhausting--even if it is a good exhaustion. Have a wonderful trip--and take care of yourselves! No over-doing it...that tot won't allow it!

Keri said...

You're going to have such a nice time. I think the planning of traveling - no matter what time of year - is hard. Especially if you're 20 weeks pregnant. Pretty soon, everything will be hard. :)
Have a lovely trip and beautiful holiday. Get that tot back to this blog safe & sound!

J said...

Have a safe trip! Our snow (here in Detroit) is melting, but I am not sure what part of MI you are headed to.

Renee and Janice said...

Be safe and enjoy the time with your family and CELEBRATE!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's the most wonderful time of the year only because we could be together. I enjoyed every moment of your stay. What a glow all three of you....ok, Gladys, you too... added to the holidays. Love you. Dad