Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Wet socks & shoes

I walked Gladys this morning - the usual 20 minute walk outside with a stop at the park for her to run wildly (and gather as many burrs as possible in 8 minutes). That was at 730am, and my socks and shoes are STILL wet (approaching 3pm). Disgusting. I'm sitting in my semi-professional office with bare feet. My poor coworkers.

At least I got some of my exercise for the day out of the way.


Keri said...

Exercise is good. Cute dogs are good. But wet feet are definitely not good.
Hope you're feeling better.

Holly said...

yuck. wet feet. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Well even with wet feet, your tot looks pretty cute. I like how s/he just floats around like an astronaut. what a smart tot you have!