Sunday, October 21, 2007

A warm Fall Sunday

E and I are having a pretty good weekend. Yesterday, we went for a nice hike and took the dog with us - she even had a chance to swim for a while, a big treat. The weather was fantastic, and the only reason we left was because I was getting too hot! We had a nice dinner out and then came home where I slept for the first nigh with a body pillow - I highly recommend it!

Today we are expecting a visitor - a lovely friend of ours whose husband attended grad school with me. She is bringing her 8 month old son to meet us for the first time. We are truly looking forward to it! In the meantime, E is mowing the lawn since it continues to grow in 70+ degree weather, regardless of the season. The kitchen is clean, a few thank you notes written for some early baby gifts (booties and our first baby toy!!!) as well as a pair of boring black flats my sis sent me, which will come in extremely handy given that my feet have expanded outward thus rendering my nice heeled shoes unwearable. I shall again, at least, be presentable at work!

I had a dream the other night that I was carrying our baby boy to my cousin's wedding (far from reality since this particular cousin was married 8-ish years ago, but...) I kept looking at him then lifting him and hugging him. I don't know that the gender in the dream was any kind of premonition, but it was weird b/c when I awoke, I felt like I didn't have a particularly large affection for the baby in the dream, which made me feel terrible since I feel as though I dearly love this child already. E pointed out that we have yet to see or hear the baby, and we are going to be closer to her/him once that happens. All evidence of our child's existence is actually- up to this point- indirect, and we are READY to see him/her!!!

Speaking of seeing our child, our ultrasound is Wednesday morning, and we've come to the point where it is now mentioned every 1/2 hour or so. We are so very excited - not particularly nervous, but definitely anxious and ready to see our Tot!!


Julie said...

Im slightly addicted to finding other lesbians on the TTC journey, expecting, or already parents. I happened upon your site in my quest to surround myself with all things baby. Just wanted to say hi.

Keri said...

Glad your weekend has been nice. Sounds like you're feeling good.
Those dreams just aren't gonna make sense until you start dreaming about a GIRL! I think we should start a bet! :)

Anonymous said...

Your weekend sounds idyllic, like you found a grand oasis between workdays. I wouldn't sweat the dream...just random KNOW you are going to be great mommies

Are there any updates on the nursery prep front? I am interested in the progress E is making. Picture, picture, please


*G* said...

Looking forward to seeing the photoshoot of the Tot!

sandra said...

Yay! I'm so excited for the ultrasound. I helped a friend watch her best friend's baby yesterday afternoon and thought of you guys -- the baby was pudgy and adorable, and was making all kinds of fun sounds, and I was thinking about how much you'll adore whoever you have. :)

K J and the kids said...

Glad the weekend was good.
Can't wait until Wed.ultrasound :)

maeby said...

Yes, there is small agony in the wait before the ultrasound. Here's hoping that Tot gleefully participates and offers some amazing shots. Can't wait to hear all about it!

bleu said...

Pregnancy dreams are crazy and having ones where you aren't interested, or leave them places (I had those) or forget you have a child altogether are super common.