Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Gift: My Wife

Have you ever felt like you got the gift on someone else's birthday? I do every year. Today is my wife's birthday. This is the day, 24 years before I ever got it; I was given the best gift in the world, S. Now, her mom, sisters, and many others may argue that they got the gift as well, but, they had the first 24 years and I'm gonna get the last 75 or so!!!!! I win! Ok, I'll share her sometimes. Anyway, I cherish this day every year because it is the day that God put my perfect match on this earth. She is my completer (I don't care if that is word or not). She is the one that makes me who I am and encourages me to be better everyday. Enough about me here is what she is:

a dynamic thinker
a cheerleader for others
a giver
my best friend
well read
one hell of a cook
my love!

She isn't a few things but I'll save those for another day!!! :)

I love you baby! You are my one, my world, and always and forever my wife. Thank you and Happy Birthday!!!!!!!


Julie said...

Happy Birthday to Sara!
What a beautiful post.

jay said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! *sniff*

Happy birthday, Sara! xx

Alissa said...

Happy Birthday Sara! Such a touching post ER!

A said...

Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sara!

I think (and perhaps Sara will agree) this post proves the gifting is mutual. Wow! I think I'm crying....


Kim said...

Happy birthday Sara!!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday!!

Keri said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Sara! Sounds like you are getting spoiled and rightly SO!

*G* said...

Very Happy Birthday to you, S!

maeby said...

Happy, happy! It's gonna be a wonderful year!

MaMaMia said...

Happy Birthday to you! This will be a memorable year indeed!!

Anonymous said...

They say it's your birthday,
we're gonna have a good time, in November, when we come to visit, way after your Birthday!
Hope it's a good one, and if ER has her way I'm sure it will be! Love you lots, wish we could be there today! Love, lil c

tbean said...

Happy Birthday Sara!

Makes me so happy to see other 2-mom couples who are so in love! Your kid is one lucky little dude!!

SaraS-P said...

That is beautiful!

Happy Birthday, Sara!

ajs4ever said...

How sweet!! I just love a sappy post:)

Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

i hope you had a have a great day today sara and i can't wait to celebrate with you in a few weeks!
and ER, you better cool it and stop being so sweet and thoughtful, you're making the rest of us look bad :)
i can't wait to hear about the u/s tomorrow...

lots of love,

ohchicken said...

so beautiful and lovely! happy bday sara!!

Ali said...

Soooo Sweet! Happy Birthday Sara!

Cut and paste that post for your baby book...

sandra said...

You made me cry. :)

And she really is amazing (as are you), so it's incredible that you guys found each other.

Happy birthday!