Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Busy Busy lives

Things at the Village have been rather busy of late - particularly for E. I'm thinking I might get my wife back before I leave for a trade show next week, but there is no guarantees at this point. Of course, next week, it will be E who will be losing her wife for nearly a week....

Admittedly, I'm greatly anticipating November.

  1. I will have finished up the tradeshow, which has been sucking what life I have out of me every day at work.
  2. We will have entered trimester #2 officially, and I will likely be feeling better more consistently (unlike days like today where I've managed to stave off any obvious pregnancy symptoms - aka pregnancy pukes - while at work, but only barely. )
  3. We will have seen the tot on screen (10/24 - I can't wait!!!) I'm assuming that my anxiety will decrease 10-fold or more at that point.
  4. We are ALSO going to receive one of the greatest gifts on earth: a visit from our dearest friends who are traveling all the way from SF to see us as a twosome for the last time!! C&c are planning to visit again after the Tot has arrived, but this trip will be the last time we are just 4!

So, at the moment, I am living in the future. A future where I feel well, I see my wife from time to time, and my favorite friends are visiting.


Keri said...

Love it! I''ll sit over here and hope that time comes sooner than later.
And enjoy the visit from your friends - everything will be different when they come after the tot gets here. Better, but different. :)

vee said...

nothing wrong with looking to a happy future!

K J and the kids said...

November sounds like a great month

Anonymous said...

Who are these wonderful friends and how can I meet them?? I love friends of E & S! They must be some really great people to travel all that way! See you soon! ;)
lil c