Monday, May 14, 2007

Still Negative

The HPT is still negative. Alas. Expecting AF any day now.

In other news, I started my new job today. The morning, I spent with HR. The afternoon, on the phone with IT. So, the most productive thing I accomplished was setting up my voicemail, but it was a good day nonetheless.

E is in Atlanta through Sunday. I bumped my start date up a week to coincide with her being gone as I historically don't do well the week of this conference. (2-3 days w/o my wife is my max. Call me a baby, codependent - I don't care. I married her because I like being with her!) I figured that having something basically all-consuming, such as starting a new job, would be a good distraction from her absence. Getting the dog taken care of all by myself while also setting a new routine might be a challenge, but I'm 20% done already! (I have my MBA, I have to use percentages in order to make good use of my graduate degree.)

Speaking of said dog, the barking must cease. We're off for another walk.


eek said...

I'm sorry to hear that the HPT is still negative, and that during this time your love is away. If we were closer, we'd take you out for some java and dessert! Hang in there...we're thinking of you.

sandra said...

Next time! And I think it's cute that you miss ER that much.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I know how you feel about using your percentages... I try to be dramatic and temperamental every day just to feel like I got my monies-worth with the theater degree. :)


MaMaMia said...

I know what you mean about missing your partner! I hate being apart.

Sorry about the neg.

Holly said...

Sorry about the HPT. Dammit.
I totally understand what you mean about missing your wife. I would be the same way - it's funny what a contrast that is to how independent I was before we met!
hope the new job goes well!

Keri said...

Ugh - sorry about the negative. & you're not alone...I pout like crazy when Cristy leaves town. I'm a Cristy Junkie! (in a healthy way) & that's just the way I like it. :)

Walk the dog - get some rest - hang in there!

Adrienne said...

Damn, Sara. I'm sorry that you're not seeing that second line! And I'm doubly sorry that Erin is away at the same time.

Holly said...

Sara - I went to my first WW meeting last night! What a wonderful experience. I really think I can do this.