Thursday, May 24, 2007


Well I heard you all were notified that I was out of reach for my girl for a week. This doesn't just mean she couldn't reach out and touch me she could hardly catch me on the phone. I would estimate that I worked 110 hours in 7 days. That is 6 days with more than 12 hours. The week is a crazy one but it is the only time we have to do anything like it for work.

The week went well. The foundation raised lots of money and the attendees had a great time. I had some run-ins with board members and some are even calling for me to be fired. This is really hard to take after a week of so much work. So, I am home safely but still recovering from the week. Thanks for supporting my girl while I was gone. Co-dependancy can really bite you in the butt sometimes but most the time we just love being together.

I'm afraid the rate of posts may slow down as we have a jam packed summer and are still on a break from baby making. Now that Sara is working she will likely have less time during the day to write updates as well. We will certainly keep on posting, it just may be a bit more spiratic due to our schedules!

Have a great Memorial Day!

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sandra said...

Anyone who wants you to be fired is an ass-head.