Saturday, May 19, 2007

7 down, 1 to go

E comes home tomorrow. Yahoo!! At that point, we will also be able to fix the screwy widget that says we will be testing in a year. Please disregard for the time being; E's the official administrator for the site and has not been keeping up on her duties. (She's totally forgiven. I think she's probably worked over 100 hours a week, and I'm not exaggerating.)

I've had a nice weekend so far. Last night, I watched E's softball team lose pretty badly. They were on a winning streak - I dare say last night's opponents were in the wrong league. After the game, we went to the sponsoring bar and I had a few beers and made some plans for tonight, which I needed: it's nice to have something to look forward to. This morning, I completely indulged in a surprise from E. She purchased (including a tip) a spa treatment as a "congrats on your first week". I had a mud treatment (never had one before, and my skin is silky smooth!) followed by a massage... aaaahhhhhhhhhh.......... Since then, I've been to the farmer's market in preparation for feeding two again (I can't wait!), and G and I went to the dog park so that she could take a nice swim.

I was particularly worried about not having anything to do this weekend. Between the spa and some friends from the team (who we know through my grad program), I've been busy busy and able to keep my mind of E's absence.

Nice weekend!


sandra said...

You guys are ADORABLE.

jay said...

Ahh I know the feeling - I totally miss vee when she's gone somewhere (and worry that I'm odd, but I'm not!) so glad E will be home tomorrow. Have a great reunion!!

Holly said...

That is cute. Hope the weekend was great!

Keri said...

"12 days til next try"? Does that mean you're not taking June off?


Because I'm hoping June is a fabulous month for babies!