Thursday, May 17, 2007

Doing Fine

Not too much to report... I've survived the first few days of AF, and I am also happy to report that E's week away is more than 50% over. Work is going ok too... and, we're working on getting a new deck this month. We've got a friend re-building, so we're looking forward to using it this summer. That brings me to my next point, E and I are taking June off, and may be off baby for the summer... we'll see.

back tomorrow!


SW said...

I'm sad we won't be trying at the same time in June, but I hope your break leaves you feeling recharged. The tone of your posts sounds more peaceful than it did for a while, I hope that reflects how things are going for you. Wishing you the best this month!!

sandra said...

I was about to say that maybe when you take time off, it'll just happen...but then I realized that's not true in your case. ;-)

Keri said...

The comment from Sandra made me laugh. Too bad it's not that "easy" for some of us. (knowing it's not easy, in general, for some) :)

Hang in there Sara! I think it's a great time for you & Erin to relax and enjoy eachother. You'll be in mommy mode before you know it!

Kim said...

Sorry to hear bout the negative. :o(
Baby and Mommy dust coming your way!